Final Exam: Design Stages

Part 1: Logo Design
This is the logo I used for my website and I will be using it for my portfolio. I feel like it represents me as well as the fact that I need to keep things consistent across all mediums I use to show off my work.

Part 2: Portfolio Design

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This is the cover for my portfolio, I made sure it looked a lot like my website for consistency. I used photoshop to make all of it and I added some textures to make it a bit more interesting looking.
In the end I wanted a bit more of a notebook paper type look which is where the lanes came from and I got what I wanted. As for the back of my portfolio, eventually I will change the blog name to my website once its all up and running properly.

Part 3: CD-Cover

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This is my CD-Cover, there really isnt too much to say about it, its basically a shrunken version of my portfolio cover. The only changes are slight modifications to the text and logo on both sides so it would better fit the square space instead of its old rectangle one.

Part 4: