Whiteboard Animation: Assignment

 This is my final animation for the Whiteboard Animation assignment. It was a collaborative project with one of my friends. The shooting was done with their camera and I did the editing with After Effects and Premiere Pro CS6, all the backgrounds were made in Photoshop CS6. The start of the animation was based off of the Rhythm Heaven series and the ending was just a few basic motions.


Rotoscope Daydreams – Color the World

This is the Daydream Rotoscope assignment I did created. Towards the end it gets jumpy because there was a much shorter time constraint then I expected so I need up rushing through it a lot faster then I normally would have. Overall it turned out pretty well but I would like to improve the end and how I handled parts in the middle to have them make a bit more sense.

Toymation Video

This is the video I did with my group for our toymation. There are a lot of things I wanted to improve on as far as quality but we were on a such short time limit I didn’t get to do half of what I wanted. One part especially was supposed to be about 3 music shifts and a view of the text scenes were supposed to be done by text bubbles and last twice as long.

This video is supposed to poke fun at stranger danger by saying if you talked to strangers you would get kidnapped by giant aliens.