Soda Can Label

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This is my label when put on  3-D soda can model in photoshop CS5. All of the images are cropped to remove the massive amount of white space that were in them. The nutrition and information labels include funny information as well as references to my favorite shows and games.


Soda Bottle Label

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This is the soda label when actually attached to a soda bottle. I used a newer coke bottle because it is about the average size of all drink labels and because the red top fit slightly with the red and black riot logo. All have the images have been cropped in order to cut down on image size and useless area.

Soda Label Flat

This is the soda label I made with my collage. I called it champion chug because the characters in the game “League of Legends” are called champions and the collage is basically a mesh of the. The nutrition facts and barcode spots include random things such as different memes from the internet and shows.