Final Project: Progress – Assignment

Pinkie-Bathroom-Scene-Day-1Day 1:
After one days work this is what the scene looks like. Most of the work came from small details and picking out the right gradients such as the ones on the windows and mirror as well as on the bulbs and carpets. The rest of the things I need to make are the different props in the scene (such as the sink) which will take up most of my time.

Day 2:
This is how the scene looks now. It took awhile because the top of the shower had a lot of gradients that had to be done and a lot of pieces that had to be fit together. Each red stripe had to be made separate then made to fit the ring then each little ring for the curtain had to be made and adjusted to fit the large ring.



Day 3: Final
This is the final piece  the curtains are probably where I put the most detail. I had to use several layers in order to get the gradients right on the curtains. It came out just how I wanted and It may not be a massive improvement over the original, but I think its still really good.



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