Defining the Site: Sketches

Part 1:

  1. What is your domain name?
  2. Is your domain name currently available? Yes.
  3. What is the purpose or goal of your website? To provide a place for my to publish my personal artwork.
  4. Who is your target audience? Who will visit your site? The audience is anyone who enjoys good art. Anyone who would like nice pictures or cool backgrounds.
  5. What topics or concepts do you want to cover? Nothing in-particular just any artwork I do. I plan to include a page for website designs, vector artwork, and photoshop backgrounds.
  6. How much information will you present about each topic and how will you present it? I will constantly add to each bit of information and it will just be presented in a logical way with newest at the top and oldest near the bottom and a search bar.
  7. What will attract your target audience to your Web Site? My own personal advertisement and help from people using my artwork, just telling people where they can find it.
  8. What methods will you use to keep your audience returning to your site? Updates and improved work.
  9. What changes will you have to make to keep your site updated? None, a basic site that looks pretty good will do fine for displaying art.
  10. Will you have a common logo or theme on all of your web pages? Most likely, it keeps consistency.
  11. Are these images readily available? Yes, I have them all in my personal files.
  12. What images will you have to locate? None.
  13. What images will you have to create? Backgrounds with more wavy earthy feels and new images for the future.
  14. How many images per page will you have? I was thinking anywhere between 6 and 10. It depends how the site will look best.
  15. Do your selected colors work well with your goal? They should as far as I know, it will take testing to get it right.
  16. Did you use a color palette generator (Kuler) to select a well-balanced set of colors? No but I will eventually.

Part 2 Navigation Map:



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