Website Design: Research

Part 1

  • Internet: an electronic communications network that connects computer networks and organizational computer facilities around the world.
  • WWW: World Wide Web
  • HTTP: hypertext transfer protocol
  • URL: the address of a resource (as a document or Web site) on the Internet that consists of a communications protocol followed by the name or address of a computer on the network.
  • IP address: the numeric address of a computer on the Internet.
  • hyperlink or link: a link providing direct access from one marked place on the web to another in the same or a different document.
  • website: a group of webpages that link to other pages and are set up with a certain goal in mind.
  • home page: the page typically encountered first on a Web site that usually contains links to the other pages of the site.
  • index page: the page containing a list of all the other web pages on a website.
  • search engine: a web page dedicated to searching the world wide web for other web pages, posts, images, etc.
  • domain name: alphanumeric characters that specifies a group of online resources and that forms part of the corresponding Internet addresses
  • server: a network of computers used to share files and other types of data.

Part 2

  • There are many different ISPs and many are also phone company’s. Places such as Verizon and At&t.
  • OSPs can be anyone hosting a site that is used for something important relating to things such as business and communication.
  • 5 Internet Browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera.
  • Websites and blogs have many differences. Blogs are more informal then websites and are navigated more crudely by generally just traveling one page at a time. A website is meant to be more formal and will generally have links to each of the other pages on every page for quicker navigation.

Part 3



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