Playing Card: Assignment – Second Time

PlayingCardMitchellDoster This is my playing card design. I used the name of my blog along with my initials and gave them all a wood texture. Later I decided to use a bevel and emboss effect on it to make it seem like it was engraved to the wood along with many different renditions of outer glow and drop shadows to make it seem more realistic.


Playing Cards: Research

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These are the five cards I looked at to get ideas for mine. I didn’t really draw many ideas from the cards because I went into the work knowing exactly what I wanted done to my card. Overall all the designs I found look pretty decent but none of them were exactly fit to my personal preference.

Graffiti Skateboard: Assignment

GraffitiDeck This is one of my less creative ideas for the graffiti assignment. I had run out of products I’d really want to see my graffiti one so I chose something I thought I could recreate the texture of; although, it still didn’t come out prefect on this image. Unfortunatly, I could only fall a small image for the skateboard so the quality of it isn’t the best but its something and I tried my best.

Graffiti Shaved Ice: Assignment

Graffiti-Cone ShavedIceDisplacment2I wanted to use my artwork on something more creative then the general walls and clothes so I decided to try it with shaved ice. Although the picture isn’t perfect it seems like it could be sort of real; however, I think it would be much better if the colors weren’t as pale and were a bit more vibrant, it would also work better if I had a bit darker cone.

Graffiti T-Shirt: Assignment

GraffitiT-Shirt This is my photoshop edit for a graffiti T-Shirt. I used the same displacement as always but I went more in depth with the “blend-if” options in order to really give it that fabric feel. I also did some editing to the actually image, just some scaling and skewing with a bit of distortion in order to make it seem more fit for the shirt.

Graffiti Wall: Assignment

WallGraffiti This is my graffiti picture placed on a wall. I used the displacement map method in order to bend it against the wall slightly. I also used the “blend if” tool in order to pull some of the lines through the image to make it seem a bit more realistic. It came out fairly good but I did make a slight mistake while making the displacement map but it didn’t make a massive change to the ending image.

Graffiti Color: Assignment


GraffitiThis is the colored version of my graffiti artwork sketch. The colors were picked without rhyme or reason, they are just colors I thought would seem like graffiti type colors. Overall it came out fairly good, some of the spaces were left white to add a new color but I kept it to a minimum since it doesn’t look entirely complete with too much white.