About Me: Assignment


This is my about me assignment. The adobe logos are the main programs I use and the character is my oc which is supposed to represent me in a way. The majority of it is purple because its my favorite color and the eyes are a golden yellow because I think that would be one of the most interesting eye colors to see, if ever.


About Me: Plans

For the digital art 4 about me project, I want to do a vector drawing of my OC in illustrator which is my favorite program, I want him surrounded with the illustrator, photoshop, and after effects logos which are my favorite programs to use. I might make a fun background with some of my brushes in photoshop but it all depends on time constraints.

Assignment: Animate = Inanimate


This is the animate/inanimate assignment I did for class. It is not my best work by any means but I think I just put so much effort into it that I overdid it. I used mixtures of blur, smudge, sharpen, and cloning to try and mesh the objects together. I also used the polygonal lasso tool to separate and move some pieces.

Research: Final Animation Reel

This is the animation reel I found I liked the best out of almost everything I found. Although I don’t like that there is really no sound for the majority of it, I love the art style of the animations and the set up. One of the main things I noticed that is different then most is that the creator didn’t just loop the same animation five to six times over and over before switching to the next.

Extra Credit Assignment: Mixed Work

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These three mix pieces are small extra credit assignments I had been working on. I put all three together because I didn’t deem any of these good enough to work as a stand alone assignment since two of the images were fairly basic photoshop work and there other was in illustrator. All in all the two photoshop pictures only took about three hours to finish both and the illustrator is still a WIP.