Coraline Videos Research and Flower

1.Exquiste Animation: The characters are puppets for the actors to speak through. There are rehearsals just like any other animation. There is always something happening to keep your spirits up in this form of animation.

2.It Comes Down to Rigging: Building devices that animation cannot solve, the last line of defense. Making animatable devices to do things animation cannot solve. The interact with all departments to make their devices and find out what they need to do.

3.Little Miracles: Uses drills and exacto plates to do their jobs, spend a massive amount of time on set. It makes the characters seem as if they’re living.

4.Behind the Scenes: Painted over most of the clay to get the colors they needed. Used a massive array of very precise instruments to put the colors in the perfect spots. The movie took a large team of people each with different skills to bring it all together.

5.We Have to Make the Web:  The webs were made with special elastic cord and developed by the rigging department to make the animation. They had to work with every department to bring the scene together.

6.Laika: Created different strands for each bit of water in the shower. They were made by the rapid prototyping department. Each strand was made with a specially colored plastic to give the illusion of rusty water.

7.Visual Effects Reel: This video showed the different processes of removing rigs in certain scenes. In some other scenes it showed where they removed certain pieces  connected to the face for movements. It simply showed what the videos would have looked like unedited with all the helper material still attached.

8.Making Faces: Certain people have to plan out what all the faces should look like before its done. They match up faces to a story reel and plan everything out on a computer. They can add and take away faces to match up with the story reel, each face is a separately made piece.



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