Toymation Video

This is the video I did with my group for our toymation. There are a lot of things I wanted to improve on as far as quality but we were on a such short time limit I didn’t get to do half of what I wanted. One part especially was supposed to be about 3 music shifts and a view of the text scenes were supposed to be done by text bubbles and last twice as long.

This video is supposed to poke fun at stranger danger by saying if you talked to strangers you would get kidnapped by giant aliens.


22 Photo Scavenger Hunt

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These are the photos I took with my group for the photo scavenger hunt. Some of them are very literal to what the paper asked and some are really vague. There are a couple that are a funny type of vague and literal and a few that are kind of boring.

Ripped Sailor



This is my ripped sailor image repair job. The image took a long time to fix because I used extremely small brush sizes to fix most of it. The final image seems a bit crooked, I tried as hard as I could to fix it but this was the best I could do to fix it.

Toy-mation Research

These are the videos I studied for my groups Public Service Announcement toy-mation. Some are legos and some are miscellaneous toys. Some of them had an impressive amount of story-line and editing put into them and some just fell a bit short but all of them were extremely well put together. One video was a professionally done piece for a television series.